Twist Of Faith

March 22, 2017 - May 24, 2017

Wednesday nights until May 24th
The new incarnation of the hit play with music.
"...subtle magic…tackles faith in a universal and honest way..." – NJ Jewish Link
After its smashing premiere run in the winter, the new incarnation of Twist of Faith- a play with music- continues most Wednesday nights until the end of May.
Wednesday nights from March 22 to May 24 (no show April 26 and May 3).
Tickets: $18 for students and seniors, $20 for adults.
A comedy-drama written and directed by MICHAEL GURIN
Based on an original concept by MATT OKIN
Featuring Mike Gardiner & Joseph Ramondino
A believer stops believing, a non-believer starts, and a friendship is forged in the fire.... Sam, a wealthy young stock trader indifferent to his Jewish heritage, is 'forced' to spend a Sabbath in the religious Jewish section of Boro Park. He crosses paths with Baruch, a nervous young Orthodox Jew, whose faith is crushed after a series of life-altering events following his encounter with Sam. While Sam himself strives to create a new life of strict religious observance and comes to embrace the very faith Baruch leaves behind, the friends search courageously together for the meaning of existence. Out of the darkness and into the night...

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Twist of Faith