Saturday, March 24th, 2018 9:00PM


Comedy Night


Join us for a night of comedy! Food and drinks available. Ages 21 and over. $10 in advance, $15 at the door.





Mike Travers
Mike Travers - Mike Travers is an up an coming stand up comedian from the great state of New Jersey. He's performed in clubs on both the east and west coast such as Stand Up NY on Broadway, The Laugh Factory in LA, and Rhino Comedy Theatre in NY. Mike's brings a mix of witty visual story telling and crazy concepts that only he can deliver. He's known for roasting his audience within minutes of hitting the stage so be prepared! He's extremely excited to be a part of the Black Box Performing arts Center!
Rob Garrison Rob Garrison - Rob Garrison has been a stand up comedian and performer in the tristate area for the better part of decade. He's performed at notable venues such as Broadway Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy, and many others that are very fancy & cool. Known for his thoughtful, creative brand of humor, he continues to be amazing to this day. Rob is very excited to take part in this event!
Matt Kelly Matt Kelly - Matt is a stand-up comedian from New Jersey. He has performed in clubs all over New York and New Jersey; including New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and Caroline’s. He has also performed at countless bars in the northeast, which sounds less cool than the clubs but some of them were quite good. He has written for sketch groups, commercials and internet chat shows that all broke up or didn’t air.
Rebecca Cadiz Rebecca Cadiz - Rebecca is a stand-up comedian from Rockland County, NY.  She fearlessly tackles sensitive issues like the brain tumors, special needs kids, and shooting things out of your hootie hoo.  She regularly performs in clubs all over the Hudson valley and New York City.
Raphael Hernandez Raphael Hernandez - Raphael Hernandez (Big Pro) is a comedian who, although fairly new to the standup scene, is making a name for himself as an up and coming local entertainer. He's already performed all over the Tristate and Philadelphia area including shows at the Broadway Comedy Club, NY, Scotty's Comedy Cove, NJ, and Spiked Up Comedy Lounge, PA. He's even opened for big names like Mark Normand. Raphael's style of Blue and delightfully misleading humor can tempt up any audience to erupt with laughter. Ralph's very excited to be performing at this event!