Rent The Black Box 

Thank you for your interest! We are a performing arts center that produces its own shows and classes. We curate any outside events that occur in our theater.

Please email the details of your inquiry to for more information. Rental fees vary based on the needs of the request. 


Capacity: Maximum Capacity is 50 chairs. In practice, seating capacity may actually be smaller based on your desired set-up. 

Pricing: Rental fees vary based on the request (time frame, tech requirements, etc.). It is helpful to let us know if you're looking to rent our tech equipment while renting the space for a performance, or simply looking to book rehearsal space. 

Space Layout: As a true black box, there is no fixed seating and chairs can be moved around. Please note that set up may not be able to change for your selected date based on our main stage performance schedule.

BBPAC has a number of safety guidelines in place to keep both patrons and performers safe. Please note these guidelines will also apply to rentals. BBPAC reserves the right to change safety guidelines.